Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Luke's Just A Boy with A New Haircut

It finally happened. We got Luke's hair cut. Because he was starting to look like a hippie. Or a street urchin. Or maybe even a hobo baby.

While we braced for the worst kind of toddler meltdown, Luke was remarkably stoic about the whole thing, caring not one whit for that stupid train, Thomas, on the DVD they put in for him

When she finished, he rocked his best Don Rosella

After, we celebrated by going to the park for some puddle stomping...

...and for some doing the slide wrong

On Monday night, he showed off his new easy, breezy style by helping out around the apartment. Noisily.

And tonight he proved that he's more than a one-berry-baby, showing raspberries the love. Watch for some ear, hair, and hand showing-offing near the end (to name but a few)!

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