Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ack! A(nother) Catch Up Post!

Way back in July, we went to Nantucket on Luke's first real family vacation. We were lucky to stay with our dear friends, The Scotts, at their house - with lots of other Bowdoin visitors during the week. We had a fantastic time, the weather was great, and we ate like kings. Luke, despite an Indepdence Day Fat Lip, loved being with the Big Kids...and scoping out next year's gear from the infamous Jacob & Ronan Collection (tm).

First, Dad got things off to a proper start on Main Street

Luke found very little to be more entertaining than watching Jacob & Ronan (and Sam, too!) running around their yard being Big Guys

Except maybe playing with Cisco, their "puppy"...

...or waking nice and early to play with Cisco...
...or to snuggle with Puppy before a long day...
...or snuggling up to Cisco at the end of a long day...

Luke wasn't so fond of the sand at the beach on SurfsideHe found it boring, really
He soon came, however, to see how the beach, while sandy, is a GREAT place for a nap

And while Luke napped, Ronan and Paul studied up on the life of Harry Houdini

Luke, Jacob, and Ronan had fun running wild around the Cisco Brewery
Luke tried to use his Crazy Baby Strength to move some kegs around

And Luke & Ronan committed quite the party foul
(the pacifier was allowed outside of bed/nap time due to the aforementioned Independence Day Fat Lip)

How handsome are these boys?

Luke and Ronan consulting on just how broken they broke the kite

Luke tried to earn his keep by cleaning up around the house - and showing a little skin

Remember when I said we ate like kings?
(also: Independence Day Fat Lip)

Paul was a popular story time guy - with Jacob and Ronan...
...and at bedtime with Luke and Amber

Luke also gets special commendation for surviving the road trip and ferry boat portions of our voyage. Snacks helped.

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