Thursday, September 10, 2009

Welcome to Pittsburgh, Grammy & Grandpap

Luke's Rosella Grandparents are official Pittsburgh residents as of this Friday. In celebration, Luke created some videos for them, showing off his newest words and activities.

In this first video, Luke, shirtless after a particularly messy dinner of chicken fajitas*, demonstrates his mastery of new vocabulary words, jibber jabbers, and points out the window adorably. He also uses his "WTF?" hand gesture that brings his Auntie Lisa a lot of amusement. While puppy was one his first favorite words, he has yet to master "woof," but kitties, on the other hand, say "eeeowwwws".

Every morning when Luke gets to daycare, he tucks into his oatmeal and banana with Miss Gigi. If you ask Luke about Gigi, he'll say "Gigi? Na-na." Take it from his mom, do NOT bring this up when he's hungry and/or bananas are not a snack option.

*thanks to the 30 Minute Meals book Grandma & Grandpa Casey got for Dad for his birthday. Mmmm. And NOT the Rachel Ray nonsense, the Gourmet deal

Here, Luke, this time with a shirt on (from the Jacob & Ronan Collection), executes his new favorite activity, "washing" his hands. And turning the light off & on.

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