Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Choo Choooooooo

Well, Luke certainly figured out the story with Mom's Huffy Puffy train. All of a sudden this evening, he was determined to put in some quality time with the "choo choo." Mom or Dad pushing the train - especially into him - is just flat out hilarious. Sure, he's covered in daycare toddler crud and parts of his dinner, but I couldn't resist.

The discerning ears can make out his new buzzword, "Peeeese?" as he asks Dad to run into his foot with the train some more. (he also has "thank you" down, but that still requires s little prompting) Once he discovered a well placed "peeeese?" with the head tilt gets him cookies and toys and bubbles and Cookie Monster, he upgraded it in his vocabulary toot sweet. Just ask Aunt Tanya. (don't get him starrrrrted on Cookie Monster - so popular that all TV programming and the TV itself are "Cookie." Elmo, on the other hand, is a nameless monkey, prompting his "Ooo Ooo Ooo" monkey call)

[NB: it is highly likely that only blood relatives will sit through the entirety of this clip, and possibly only those of the grandparent variety]

We'd also like to remind you that Saturday, October 31st is the last day that donations to TEAM LISA will count toward our fundraising goal. Should you be feeling some Halloween spirit, please give by visiting or click on the link in the upper right corner!

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