Sunday, October 11, 2009

Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo

This summer, Luke had a good time getting to know zoos. Mom & Dad took him to the Turtle Back Zoo two times, and Mom and Auntie Lisa took him to the Central Park Zoo.

Sometimes, driving Luke places is like having our own little Secret Service Agent in the back of the car

When we got to Turtle Back on our first visit, we got right in line for a train ride

Luke had a pretty good time on the train, though he was mostly in shock with excitement

We also rode on the carousel - he's riding on a polar bear here. GO U BEARS!

The second time we visited, he rode with Daddy - on a lemur.

He also climbed on a "quack quack" in the playground

And checked out their 2 penguins

When Mom & Auntie Lisa took him to the Central Park Zoo, we all made a bee line for the polar bear exhibit

But mostly Luke was excited about going "glug glug" at the water fountain

And here, Luke is trying to charm the man sitting behind him, who had a cell phone that looked a lot like Daddy's. The man thought he was being friendly, but really, he wanted at the "mo"

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peter said...

That's a red panda, not a lemur. Zoo animal correctness!