Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Snow Look at the Snow

While we had some snow when Luke was but a newborn, and a bit last winter, this weekend's "blizzard" was the first snow that Luke was old enough to care about/be aware of. After dinner on Saturday night, we took Luke out for a walk before bubbles & bed.

We got him alllll bundled up in his cold weather gear (fortunately Miss Kellie at daycare had been teaching them about hats, gloves, and boots!) and we were ready to head outside!

Luke took his time to get acclimated

Daddy tried to teach him to catch snowflakes on his tongue...

But after a few minutes outside in some heavy snow and bracing wind, we were all dusted with snow. Luke did not like this and became convinced/concerned that he was covered in something "yucky." So we walked on the snowless part of the sidewalk.

And as a reward for him being a trouper, we went around the corner to see the inflatable decorations on a neighbor's stoop - including a choo choo and a Santa (Luke calls him "Grandpa"). He was done walking in this "snow" business and Daddy had to carry him all the way home.

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