Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Turkey Lurkey Lukey

Luke went to Grammy & Grandpap Rosella's new house for Thanksgiving this year. He had a great time making himself at home, playing with his cousins, and visiting the first of Pittsburgh's many museums.

Luke quickly discovered Grammy's spare gloves and enjoyed wearing them around

He and Grandpap spent some time discussing serious matters

He had stories with Grammy & Grandpap before bed

And on Thanksgiving, he had a grand time playing with his cousins, Simon & Chloe - specifically Simon's cool Batman cars

On Friday, we went to the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh (which fortunately, unlike its website, does not play "the chicken dance song" on a loop). He enjoyed the sand table

And he did his Great Uncle Joe proud by using the bricklaying tools so well!

We also spent some time looking at the Mr. Rogers exhibit - here Luke gets a look at Daniel Striped Tiger, after which his lovey is named

And we sang some Mr. Rogers classics at the player piano

When we got home, he "shared" some crackers with Grammy & Grandpap

And organized Grammy's spices

I like this picture. It's wicked artistic.

Finally, Luke ended his trip by spending some quality time with Grammy & Grandpap's broom all while sporting his new sweatshirt from Grandpap

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