Sunday, March 6, 2011

Luke and Harper, Harper and Luke

Just some pictures that don't follow any particular theme, aside from general sibling cuteness - together and solo.

Luke and Harper love to hang out together in the morning before Luke leaves for school. Luke likes to "hold ha-yands" and always requests a photo

Luke and Daddy head outside to play with the remote control MONSTER TRUCK Aunt Sharren & Uncle Charlie got Luke for his birthday

Daddy and Harper have a snuggle - and Harper does her best Luke impression

Luke loves to play with these headphones, whether they're plugged into the computer or not. They are actually plugged in here - he's watching a Sesame Street video on you tube. Next, he'll be asking us to install ProTools

The potential tedium of weekdays can be alleviated with baby photo shoots - usually in Harper's favorite place - the bathroom! Here she models some handsome jams from Lucia & Carmen.

Look at that smile!
Who's coy?

We made a trek to the Scotts' for dinner last weekend - Luke and his bestie, Ronan, had a grand ol' time running each other ragged
And entertaining Harper

Luke "tucking Chooch into my bed. TUCK TUCK TUCK"

"Now Chooch should check me" (she is not sure)

She is DEFINITELY not interested

Dr. Luke prescribed 2 band aids to "make her feel much more better"

Another photo shoot. GO U BEARS!

Luke, who does yoga on Fridays at school, becomes fascinated with Mom's mat (fresh out of mothballs) and shows off his downward dog

While the car's in the shop, Luke's car seat is in the apartment. He moved it next to his "working bench" from Grandpa Casey and has declared this to be his "office"

Consummate Vs - TROGDOR!
(yes, that's a dragon on her jams)

Lazy Sunday

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