Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Catching Up

While we haven't been posting, we've been out doing here in Hoboken.

First up - we took Luke and Harper to the American Museum of Natural History back in March. We're not sure if the museum was the best part of the trip for Luke, or the many methods of transportation that were involved (ferry, bus, subway, taxi).


Mommy's favorite part of the museum - the elephants!
Luke doing his best RAWR!

There was also time for fooling around at home...

BabyGap labeled these "boy clothes." I REJECT YOUR GENDERED LABELS, GAP!
Future English Major? (thanks to Mommy's intern, Erin, for the cool onesie!)

Mutual Admiration Society, Part 1,000
And Part 1,001

When Daddy returned from a business trip to CA, he took Luke on a special "dude trip" to Home Depot to look at tools & buy some seeds for spring windowsill planting. Luke was excited to purchase a proper "Grand Old Flag"
He wore his "Construction Guy" hat from Grandpa Casey in honor of the occasion

When they got home they planted their seeds - here Luke is doing his best Toad and yelling at his seeds to "GET GROWING!"

We also made our first trip to the zoo for the year and introduced Harper to the train

Lots of other fun on our docket - visits with the Kornbluhs, maybe a model train show, and Easter egg hunts!

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