Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Casey Collection

Last month we took a trip to Scranton.  While we were there, we went through some clothes that belonged to Daddy's older sisters, Aunt Amy and Aunt Roberta.  Harper has been rocking some of them already, to many compliments, of course.

She busted out the apron that Grandma Casey's Grandma made for her when she was a little girl right away. (I think I got the provenance right?)

Grandma Casey made this dress for strawberry fan, Roberta.  Harper's also showing off her newfound stair climbing skills.

Accessorizing with Mr. Bun 

This one is Mama's mod favorite - it looks like Boden would have it on sale today, no?  This is "vintage" Marshall Fields.  And Luke photo-bombing in his swimwear.

Without the barrette, but with a look of distrust.

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