Monday, June 25, 2012

Fist Pumping Down the Shore

This year, our becoming-a-tradition weekend down in Cape May Courthouse/Stone Harbor with the Scotts fell in sync with Mommy's birthday.  It also fell on the becoming-a-tradition hottest stretch of days thus far this year.  Yay for the beach!

It was so. bloody. hot. when we got there on Thursday evening that we turned the sprinkler on for the kids while the grown ups figured out dinner. Ronan & Luke were equally excited by the water being on as they were by running around outside in their superhero underwear.

Luke and Ronan took turns spraying each other, despite frequent instructions to PUT IT DOWN!


Harper joined them without hesitation

And slowly peeled off clothes

Gardening in a diaper with Auntie Sarah.


...and it devolved into this.

GTL is important down the Shore.  
Luke forgot the "T."

The next day we went to the beach as soon as possible.  Unlike her brother on his first trip to the beach, Harper dug right in (pun intended) and took ownership.

[NB: cheeks are rosy from OVEN LIKE HEAT, not lack of sunscreen]

Much of the afternoon was spent tending to this hole and its accompanying mound of sand.

Into her suit!  And hat!

Luke and Daddy checked out the surf.

Harper LOVED the sand.

It's the first thing we've seen that keeps her from running around like a crazy baby.  She stayed PUT.

Mama highly recommends spending all birthdays exactly like this.

Mud treatment included.

Lunch break! Note the ominous skies...we were soon kicked off the beach for a crazy hours-long cell of electrical storms.  Also note Ronan attempting to transfer Cheez from his Cheeto to his Quake.

We wrapped up with breakfast the next morning.  Future prom dates!

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