Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vacation! part the second - the beachening

Our time in NH/ME came with hours and hours of beach time.  It turns out that we have two sand and saltwater loving beach bums on our hands.

Fric and Frac got ready lickety split on Monday AM and were ready to go, lined up at the door to our hotel room in anticipation.  There were many oohs and ahhhs from passersby in the hotel lobby to boot.

Upon arrival, new sand toys were unpacked
Much sunscreen was applied
Sand was played with immediately

Many holes were dug
little holes
Teamwork was employed

Elbow grease applied

Many shovels utilized
Harper was not intimidated by the grown-up shovel
For a change of pace Mom dug a trench and built a mound
Harper Containment Strategy (tm)
They were SO PLEASED with themselves
The ol' "hey, Luke, see how many buckets of water it takes to fill this hole" trick

And we all spent A LOT of time in the ocean
There was a lot of "wave" jumping
and frolicking
and general cavorting
And especially lots of this
and this
and this
and more still of this
We had to keep an eye on our little mermaid, Harper
Who LOVED THE OCEAN.  She even picked up the world "ocean" - "Harper go in ocean. Beach."
But don't worry, we didn't let her get too far...

This was part of an elaborate "Life Guard" game - the shovel and rake were required for sea rescues


(a direct quote from Luke)

Snack break!
Picnic lunch!
Picnic chit chat

Harper loved having us make sand castles with the molds "I READY! I READY FOR ! PUT RIGHT HERE!"

And fortunately found it hilarious when her brother would immediately SMOOSH them flat

Harper was happiest when coated in sand from head to toe
And everything in between

Drip castles helped this along

As did just rolling around in it
I really mean it...
From head...
 ...to toe



And when we got home, we missed the beach so much that we tried to approximate it in Ossining's scorching heat & humidity on Saturday...
 ...not quite the same, but the kids still loved it.

We can't wait to pick a beach for next year!

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