Monday, August 6, 2012

Vacation! part the first

It finally came!  Summer vacation!  We packed the car (and I mean PACKED the car) and took off for Portsmouth/York for a glorious week of sun, sand, lobster, and, most importantly, LOW HUMIDITY.  Thank you, weather, for cooperating.  Beach photos to follow shortly, but first, our non-bathing-suit-related activities!

Bagel? Check. "Construction Worker Hat? Check. Baby Bear? Check. Baby Max? Check. Leon Monkey? Check. Mini Dictionary/Thesaurus? Check.  Ready for take off!

We made a pit stop along the way at the MFA in Boston.  Luke took this one...
 ...and this one, before The Man shut him down
 Harper and Daddy took an art break
 Our little patron of the arts
 We were lucky enough to have a visit from Audrey Fitzpatrick (daughter of Mommy's friend, Ian), an MFA regular and expert in what statues CAN be touched.  
Here is the WUNH Drive Time Team: 2026

Then we arrived in Portsmouth at long last.  
 Within 15 minutes, our hotel room looked just like home

Mommy and Daddy were locavores at The Friendly Toast after that long day of travel

The next morning we had a Big Hotel Breakfast - Luke was excited.  Vacation!

After much bickering and negotiating on the drive up, a second Fisher Price Doodle Pro was acquired.  Best $10 of the trip!
The Doodle Pro in action - also a life saver during waits at restaurants
(seriously, if you or someone you know is traveling with small kids?  BUY ALL THE KIDS ONE)
Macro Polo's "poop toilet" - a hit on our 2010 tour - was visited promptly

The waterfront was checked out

Emergency feetie jams were procured - we're all set for winter now! (Thank you, Carter's outlet - 40% off!)

The staircase from Mommy and Daddy's wedding pictures was climbed...with Doodle Pro in hand (Luke's is in his backpack, fear not)

Big ups to the Portsmouth Brewery for having "kid nachos" on the menu - a hit! 
 Harper, on the other hand, was not afraid of the black bean dip Mom & Dad had ordered.  
She's all, "girl, PLEASE, like slightly spicy black beans are gonna stop ME?"
She helped Luke out a lot. Here she is batting clean up on his ziti
 And eating the leftover pasta from Luke's dinner at Robert's

We ate ice cream.  Often.

Harper pointing at someone's ice cream, demanding asking "I taste! I taste! HARPER BITE."
(repeated since we had jokingly asked him if he was "living the dream" having ice cream on Ox Cart Man Street (Bow St))

Crayon cheers with Daddy
 Harper was in charge of Mommy & Daddy's empties
(note doodle pro in lower right corner)
Robert's handed out funny mouths for the kids
 Harper was unimpressed with Daddy's lobster claw humor
 It was interrupting the delivery of food to her mouth
Oh, OK, one SORT OF picture
 Luke, however, joined right in

Harper adjusted to hotel living just fine

(Lukey took this one)

Luke and Daddy had fun, too
We went to a friend of Mommy's house for a BBQ.  Luke settled right in, announcing, "I could sit here alllll day"
City kids didn't realize/care that the battery on this was dead.  Many thanks to Addy and Emme Hale for pushing them around good-naturedly!

Don't tell social services, but we went on a brewery tour at Red Hook
 Classin' it up!

Touch Tank!  Harper, predictably, unafraid

Beach photos and Children's Museum photos coming soon!

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