Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Going to the (Bronx) Zoo Zoo Zoo

With our move to Westchester came a NEW ZOO to check out - The Bronx Zoo!  We got a family membership and now Daddy is determined to get our money's worth out of it.  (the free parking alone is going to pay off)

 Luke took control
 And Harper copied him
We took them to see the "bamboons" and "gahlillas" and Harper's head nearly exploded with joy



Riding the caterpillar?
They loved these things
The carousel is bug themed - Luke rode a caterpillar
 Harper LOVED it - she turned to Mama as it got going and said "Harper happy."
 Luke made good on the shirt and played on the rope spider web
Finally, Luke let Daddy take a picture of him and the rhino statue's butt

...And we've already been a second time!  
This time we kicked off the visit with a ride on the monorail through "Bengal"
 Yes, he brought a towel for "when I get sweaty"
 His sartorial decisions are so interesting of late
 Harper played docent with the map
 Not naming names, but SOME of us committed to the bear photo more than others

OK, just kidding, he gave it a smile
 Lego gorilla!
 This time Harper rode a beetle of some kind (I guess?)
 And Luke rode a lady bug and Daddy a caterpillar

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