Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Are You Going to Dutchess County Fair?

A few weekends ago we headed upstate to the Dutchess County Fair in Rhinebeck to show these city kids a little livestock, a little heavy machinery, and perhaps some games of chance.

Remember in the zoo post when I mentioned Luke's interesting sartorial choices?  I give you Exhibit B.  He wore this vest (thank you, Ikea!) the WHOLE HOT & HUMID DAY.
Safety first!
We got right down to livestock visiting.  Goats!  Or, per Harper, "baby goat."
Harper wanted to look at them, but she did not want to be anywhere within striking distance
"We're sheeps!"
They are both yelling "BAA!" with gusto
Luke, shearing
 You gotta admit, Harper sells it a little more in this one
Luke milking a "pretend cow"
Still rocking saftey vest, sunglasses
4H bunny!
Note Paul keeping Harper from going full on Of Mice & Men on the bunny.  Also, bored 4H girl texting.  Love her!
Baby chicks!
After all that excitement, Harper was pooped and needed a quick nap
But not Luke - he enjoyed his favorite part of the whole afternoon - sitting on tractors
He is so very PLEASED
Mama got to sit in the back of this one

Pretend prison cell - thank you, Dutchess County Sherriff?
Luke's first games of chance!

Everyone's a winner!
He really was happy, but the sun was very bright and there was popcorn in his immediate future
More games of chance!
On the ride home, Luke had the appropriate response
Harper, however, prompted Daddy to ask "Harper, do you need to get into EVERY stereotypical toddler mess??"

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