Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday, Harper!

Viruses and flus and ear infections be damned, Harper celebrated her 2nd birthday in style last month!

Here, the Birthday Girl awaits the arrival of her guests, party hat perfectly in place

Her BFF from school, Claire, joined us for the afternoon

 They donned the party favor necklaces and rings and had loads of fun with Aunt Slater's Zoo

Harper & Max worked on their sound

Daddy, once again, delivered a fantastic cake!

Harper was very excited

 At cake cutting time, Luke promptly requested "Elmo's eyeball"

So of course Harper requested "Elmo's noooooose"



And the party kept going after hours with Luke and Harper having the most fun of all with a cardboard box and a styrofoam block they shredded into "snow."  We are still sweeping it up

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