Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wally Boomerangs Back!

Last June, we were lucky enough to host the Luke's classroom's favorite mascot, Wally the Koala, to our home.  Well, the kids love Wally SO much that he is making another round of visits, and last week was our special time with everyone's favorite koala!

Luke was so excited when he got home!  He got special permission to show Wally his favorite YouTube video, NFL: A Bad Lip Reading.

Wally called Gavin, the previous week's host, on his special banana phone.  (don't ask me, that's what Luke said Wally told him)

Wally had a meeting with the other stuffed animals and shared his scrapbook of his previous visits


Oh, Wally!

That night, Luke snuggled Wally and shared one of his eye masks with him.  Wally wasn't so sure...

Daddy took Wally to his office!
Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot for a koala to do, so he checked out Katonah Ave.
So he took a nap under Bill & Warren in the boss' office
When he woke up, he remembered Luke telling him that getting cups of water is his FAVORITE thing to do, so he got on that right away
Then he was bored in the conference room
So Daddy let him watch some cartoons
He went off in search of real snacks...
Pistachios!  Success!
Finally, he made his own fun
Oh, Wally!

He also helped Mommy wrap Luke's birthday presents.  Hope he didn't ruin the surprise!
He supervised boiler repair
Helped Daddy work from home on the iPhone
And relaxed with a good book from Luke and Harper's library
He wrote some letters home to Australia at Luke and Harper's desk

On Saturday, Luke and Mommy brought Wally to their yoga class.  Look at his excellent lotus!

Luke loves Wally a lot (so does Harper, but Luke didn't let her get much snuggling in)

For weeks Luke had been planning on Wally's eventual visit, with "watching Buddy the Elf" being at the top of his list of priorities.  Check.

Wally's last day with us was a busy one.  In the morning, he joined us at swim classes
Wally watched Luke's class intently
And witnessed Luke's first ever jump into the pool all by himself!

In the afternoon, we took him to the library.  While Luke and Daddy were off looking for books, Harper showed him a book about a baby wombat, also from Australia

And she was very insistent that "Wally will like this book a lot," and showed him Happy Birthday, Good Knight

By the final night, Wally was OK with the eye mask

Bye Wally, see you next time!

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