Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ninja Castle!!!!! and Lion

Grammy and Grandpap sent Luke his Easter present early (what, YOUR Easter Bunny doesn't deliver elaborate toys?  Sad for YOU).  He was completely gobsmacked.

It was played with before, during, and after dinner.   It seems he composed a theme song as well.  Best of all, ninjas and samurai(s?) accompanied him to school as his "home toys" on Wednesday.  The highest of all compliments!

Harper (in wacky ponies courtesy of her teacher) was wary of the Tiger on the Ninja Castle, but Mama assured her that he is a good guy like  Lion.  And reminded her that Lion is King of the Jungle, anyway.

But Lion better watch it...or he'll be put in a bag.
Lion, by the by, is looking very very real

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