Wednesday, March 20, 2013

St. Patrick's Ish

First off, an update.
Lion: Still number 1.  Receives high fives at Peekskill Brewery.

On a whim, we drove up to West Point to check out the campus (beautiful) and the museum (unfortunately dullsville for the under-10 set).
Luke did his best to care about GIANT WEAPONS

Harper checked out the atomic bomb casing
And then, we confess, we threw in the educational field trip towel and went to lunch (see above, with Lion).
But if you're a military history buff who can read and doesn't need "creative play" features to engage with displays, then by all means, go to this museum! (It's FREE)

Harper had swim class on St. Patrick's Day.  Miss Julie, ever the Montessori teacher, brought props.

Harper LOVES swim class!

Mama went to Baby Gap in search of a St. Patrick's shirt for Harper.  When there wasn't one, she realized that Harper ROSELLA Casey must have this shirt.
Harper was quite pleased with it. "IT HAS SPARKLY LETTERS!"

Don't you think?

So on the big day, she made do with her "FOOTBALL HELMET" shirt

The Koalas made Leprechaun crowns last week.  Luke pioneered the idea to make "moooostaches" and beards as well - and then everyone had to have one, too.  Per teacher Denise, they were all a hoot at their "dance party" in their moooostaches and beards!
"Denise tells me I am the clown of the class," he reported on Friday's ride home.  Oh boy.
At first, Harper didn't want him in her spotlight
But the mutual admiration society reconvened, with tambourine
Hand claps by Harper

We checked out a Family Fun Concert at the local library, sponsored by the kids' school.  Luke was thrilled to meet up with his bestie, Gavin
He tried his best Big Brother Tricks to charm Gavin's little sister, Vivian

She was not having any of it (at one point she narrowed her eyes at him and shook her head no once, definitively)

In other news....
The Casey Clinic practices a team-oriented approach to wellness
Now open nights and weekends

And Mama's viral marketing campaign has officially begun with the little one

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