Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Fotos

Mama was clearing her photos from her ipod - enjoy!

Auntie Fran continues to loom large for Harper.  She no longer brought hand-me-downs, but BOUGHT Harper the clothes (including CUPCAKE SHIRRRRRT).  She insisted on drawing a picture of her - Mama drew Fran (and was chastised for not drawing her "with a pony tail"), and Harper colored her.
Colorin'.  Officially a lefty!
Playing with jewelry
"There, Mama, NOW you look booteefull."
I guess she never heard that Coco Chanel quote about not over-accessorizing.
Even Wion got in on the jewelry party!
Mama checked on Luke the other night before turning in herself.  This is what she found.  No, he didn't fall asleep in his clothes. He got out of bed after being tucked in, put on the next day's outfit he had put out, and went back to bed.
The next day he tried to convince Mama that this would be a big time saver going forward.
Lion is back in Harper's good graces.
But sometimes she snuggles with a hard board book about fire trucks.  She is odd.
The new sunglasses will never not be funny.
Last Saturday, Luke was dressed for t-ball at 6:45 AM.  Game time?  Noon.
Gardening was even done before the game.  Harper was pleased equally by parentally-sanctioned dirtiness AND being outside in her pajamas.
Did she require a quick bubblebath before t-ball.  Yes. Yes she did.
Mama's friend, KC, send Luke some Phillies baseball cards a while back.  Luke just rediscovered them.  He has spent a lot of time studying them.  And enjoying keeping them from his sister's clutches.
He brought them to t-ball in his back pocket, "so I can look at them when I am waiting to bat."
Last weekend he got to take a turn at being the Catcher.  He LOVED it and plans "to ask Coach Joe to do it again."
"I am takin' Baby Goldfish to buy more pasta.  She eats A LOOOTTTT of pasta!" 
Sounds like someone I know...
(again, Cupcake Shirt)
Little Park in Batman gloves!
The other day we went over to the park, Luke in his full Batman costume, Harper in her cape from Max's birthday party, and the mom and grandma there asked "oh, are you going to a party?"  No, ladies, just a Sunday afternoon at our house...
Daddy was away on a business trip for a few days so Mama did a solo parenting punt and took the kids to the diner for (breakfast for) dinner on Sunday night.  Here is Harper polishing off her ENTIRE PLATE OF PANCAKES.
Uh oh...those aren't Packers novelty erasers.
Mama bought some new barrettes.  Harper insisted on wearing ALL of them at once.
She was so pleased.
Notice: Cupcake Shirt
"Look! That Lego fox is wearin' jeans!" - Harper
(As Aunt Slater said, no mention of the fangs, or the giant, menacing claws, just his jeans.)
Some pictures for traveling Daddy.  When Harper saw it she said "we're bein' goofs."
Oh, they love each other.

Being at t-ball isn't enough; Luke brought a soccer ball for the downtimes.
At t-ball practice, Luke took a knee.  Not sure where he learned this - none of the other kids were doing it.  (That's his bestie, Chase, next to him in the stripey shorts)
Oh good, blowing the dandelion seeds.
Harper loves Lion and Giraffe so much, you guys.

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