Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spring Has Sprung!

It's here! It's here!  It's finally here!  No, not the new phonebooks, but Spring!

Shorts have been donned. Chalk has been enjoyed.  
Luke did this rainbow & sun by himself, with only Mama providing an assist on the clouds.
 Harper commissioned a cupcake from Luke to go with CUPCAKE SHIRRRRT
 Luke drew a chalk ninja.
 Mama drew a Lion for Harper at her request.  "Make his tail tickley!"
We visited a local playground, Luke in full-on Turkish soccer team gear (courtesy of Daddy's trip last fall)
 The "rock wall" was climbed
 And then Harper was OVER IT
The play tent Harper got for her December birthday has found a whole new dimension in the nice weather.  They have enjoyed "camping out" in the tent a lot.
Harper packed her most important belonging, Lion.
Eye masks were used, Luke put pajamas on (at 5pm), and they tucked themselves in.

 They also had a grand time "washing" some little tables Grandpa brought on his last visit.  Again, Luke put on PJs for the tent.

 Mama even got in on the tent action!

Harper got into a pad of post-it notes.
Paul: "What a waste!"
Paige: ...Finger hovering over the ORDER NOW button to acquire industrial-sized package of toddler entertainment

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