Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Vacation! Part 1.

Daddy came home from Aspen and preparations began apace for our departure for points North.  But first, we had to stop in at the St. Augustine's Church Festival in Ossining.  

And Luke and Harper rode their first kids-only ride.  She was just a little bit excited.
She waved through the WHOLE RIDE.

And then, FINALLY, we got in the car and drove to Boston for a pit stop with the Leary Infantines.  Or, to Harper, "AUNT FWAN'S house."
Shortly after our arrival, Harper and Carmen announced that Harper would be bunking with Carmen that night.  We all nodded as if to say "oh sure, that will last 10 minutes," but...
Trouble 1 (Carmen) + Trouble 2 (Harper) = FWIENDS.
They slept like little angels.
We were as surprised as you.
 There were pancakes.
 And Luke showed off his knights (and Ninjago jammies).
 Dr. Harper gave everyone a check-up.
 Magnatiles built a "kitty adoption store" and many other structures.
Lucia showed us the playground at her school.  Harper wore CUPCAKE SHIRRRRT!
Photobooth is a HOOT.
 There was a festive dance party. 
Lucia is up all night to get down
More Magnatiles.
 And a good time was had by ALL.
 We tearfully bid the Leary Infantines adieu and continued Northward to Portsmouth (more on that later).  The first morning was dreary, so we decided to journey even FURTHER "Up Maine" and dropped in on some familiar stomping grounds for Mama...
We had sold them on this adventure with big talk of POLAR BEARS in both stuffed and statue form.  Thankfully, we could make good on our promise and got all the requisite shots.
After learning the current tuition rate:
Stuffed, too!
The Art Museum lion.
Harper does her best "Thinker."
Not exactly how Mama spent her time at Jack McGee's Pub...
That's a bit more like it.
Tired from studying, of course.

We dropped by the Bookstore.
And did NOT buy these.
But there were hats!  Luke picked red (natch).
And Harper picked pink.  And insists on wearing it backwards, or "the way I like it. It's not broken." (?)
Then Luke figured "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em."

 Coming up: The Beach! Kid Nachos! Ice Cream! SkeeBall! Salt Water Taffy! and more!!

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