Thursday, August 8, 2013

Vacation! Part 2.

The Beach!

We got in 3 great beach days during our trip.  The kids were soooo excited when we finally got to Long Sands - no one even cared that it was just a little bit foggy.
 No matter.  It burned off so quickly we watched it happen.
 Harper was transfixed by the "gooey sand!"
 They got right down to digging.
 And drip castling.
 Harper Casey, in her element.
We will NEVER get all of the sand out of that bathing suit.  Never ever.
 Poof!  Bye bye, fog!
 It was discovered that dragging the sifter through the wet sand yielded something akin to spaghetti.  So Harper made "spaghetti and meatballs" for us.
 So. Excited.
 Have we mentioned that she never. stops. talking.?
 Or mugging?

 The weather was even MORE amazing on Day 2.  After a crab-crawling-out-from-under-a-rock sighting, Harper decided that the ocean was not her thing.  She was firmly in the sand all day, everyday from then on out.
More digging.
 Sand castling.
 Lots and lots of beach running.
It should be noted that, for all the time Harper spent in the sand, Luke spent it in the ocean, where the camera was not.  
 Obviously gifted.
 This may have been singing vs. talking...
 And still with the mugging.
 Sandy piggies!
Making Hs in the sand.
Surveying her handiwork.
 "I'm sleepin'!"
 Daddy was buried.
 Mama bought Whoopie Pies at the Bagel Caboose as a post-lunch surprise.  Approval ratings were high.

 Day 3.  More digging.
Mama wants to put a sand pit in the yard because Harper barely moved from this patch of beach all day.
 Mama helped Luke with his "Drip Mountain."
 And more sand castles (and sand Coliseums) were built.
And just...sand.
Sand sand sand.
Sand sand sand sand.
We caught snails in the tidal pools - and Luke's totally made a break for it!

Our final beachy act was to build a TON of sand castles.
Waiting for the green light to stomp on them...
 This trip featured a lot of being THE HULK - here Harper is captured in full Hulk stance, ready to SMASH!
 And finally, just rolling around.  Because, why not?

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