Thursday, October 17, 2013

Catching Up!

We have been going and doing so much that we're falling behind with our posts! catch up.

We visited Grammy and Grandpap in Pittsburgh for Labor Day.
This is how Luke and Harper "get ready" to leave. 
While we were there, we played mini golf with Uncle Joe!
One lefty giving another pointers here.
Ah, remember Daddy's vacation beard?  Good times.
They LOVED it!
Harper claimed this land for America!
Lion came with us, of course.
Grammy read stories.
And we even squeezed in a quick visit with the Kurtz family - checking out Sewickley's best ice cream.
And we did a lot of driving around - here is Harper passing the time.  "I'm sendin' Aunt Slater a text to thank her for buying me Lion and Giraffe."
 Before that, though, we made a trip to the Bronx Zoo and Luke and Harper checked out the prairie dogs.
 And they had a blast on the treehouse slide in the Children's Zoo.
 Mama bought some novelty costume glasses on a whim.  BIG HIT!
 "I'm Lennon, Mama, and you're Maisy."
"I'm singin' on the stage."
 "Take a picture of me in the gazebo."
 Even superheroes need a hot cocoa break.
Another day, another superhero.
We visited Muscoot Farm and discovered the tree with the secret hiding place.
Racing Daddy on the farm!
Luke's First Week of Kindergarten self-portrait.
Grandma and Grandpa Casey: note the rendering of the U of S shirt!
His "All About Me" sheet from his classroom.  Which PC is which?  
 One last warm-weather trip to the Blue Pig!
 Luke is playing soccer - go Team France! 
Harper is spectating soccer.
 And now, some candids...
at the farmer's market...
 sidewalk chalkin' in Katonah
 "Beware of Vampire" - by Luke
 Stars! They're just like us!
 His favorite errand, the carwash with Mama.
Harper, really excited for "Harper Day" in the Giraffe room.  (She really was excited, but she refused to pose for an "excited picture")
 Movie night attire!
Working on her "sound"
Health code violations
Ms. Grumps!

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