Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Do You Like Apples?

How do you like them apples?

Finding ourselves with a beautiful fall day and nothing on our schedule, we took off for a return visit to Wilkens Farm for apple picking!  
(and apple cider donuts!)

Harper donned her apple picking shirt (courtesy of the Leary Infantine Collection) and "kitty boots" (which turned out to be the smartest decision of the day)
Luke was similarly prepared?

The scenery can't be beat.
(Hi, Paul!)
We took a quick family selfie while riding the hay wagon to the orchard
Once at the orchard, Harper could not be bothered picking an apple, she plucked one from the bin, giving excellent stink eye all the while.  FIERCE.
 Walking the orchard
 What happens when you ask these nerds for a picture
Oh, hai.
 Harper ate a lot of apples.

 Apples, ho!
 Daddy gives Harper a lift

 And Luke, too
The apples of his eye...
And finally, hard work was rewarded with APPLE CIDER DONUTS!
 Tractors were "driven"
 And finally, hay bales were jumped!

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MRS said...

your kids. omg. yomyomyom.