Monday, March 3, 2014


Harper got an assignment for school - make a snowman with your family and bring it in to share with your friends.  It needed to be small enough to display in school and move around easily, and they encouraged it to be a  family affair.

After much deliberation and careful consideration, Harper decided she wanted to make a HULK SNOWMAN.  (of course)

Daddy purchased the supplies and on a snowy weekend (what else as there been?), we dug in!
Luke helped.
Shirts were removed for painting.
SPARKLY green paint!
Recyclables were utilized as an adhoc drying rack.
Harper voiced a lot of opinions about Daddy's progress.  And asked a lot of questions.
At the last minute, she decided he should be KARATE HULK, so the pink belt was added.  And a scarf.  Naturally.
All done!
The description we submitted.
With Luke's label. In case there was any question.

Meanwhile, Luke was getting excited for his birthday party.  He decided to write a story about it that he said he was going to "pass out to my friends before my party.  They can take turns."
It's Luke's world, kids, you're just living in it.

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