Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Worth 42,000 Words

More winter fun for your viewing enjoyment.

Little sisters, future conspirators.
 Harper likes to keep Mama or Daddy company when they're doing dishes.  This time SUPER HARPER was a SUPER companion.  Also: AvaSullivan.
Another night she worked on an "art pwoject."
 Daddy took the car to get inspected, Mama took the nerds to Applebee's for lunch.
 Mama is a sucker for the little sundae shooters.
 It was Lion's birthday!  (Again!)
Harper worked hard on the Lego and fuzzy food menu and all the cool animals were invited.
 Then they had to watch Lion open his presents.
 Chalk + Snow = February 2014
Close, close.
 And what were they plugged into?  A defunct gen2 iPod.
 1 top tooth down, 1 to go.
 We don't look alike or anything.
 Apologies in advance for the eyebrows, kid.
 Who needs side eye when your stink eye is PERFECTION?
 Starbucks Lady Date!
 Harper took Dr. Seuss Week's "Wacky Wednesday" celebration very seriously.  Or not seriously.  Which was the point.
 Luke's New Year's Resolution.  
"I will mac mr frends."
 Reading! To Mama and Harper!
 Daddy showed Luke and Harper a you tube mash up of Bond gadgetry.
The next morning Luke got to work on Spy Headquarters.
 While his sister waited for muffins.
 Spy breakfast was eaten in Spy HQ.
 We headed to Mt. Kisco (and the parking-lot-adjacent Party City) for the St. Patrick's Day parade!  Luke and Harper tried on some greenery.
 Luke chose a velvety bowler, Harper a light up shamrock necklace.
 "Make with the bagpipes."
 Harper was delighted to run into her friends Blake & Devon from school!
 "Mama and Daddy Dancing" by Harper
 Harper and Poison Ivy at the Lego Store
Luke and Aquaman.
 Mama and Luke checked out Frozen last weekend.  Loved it!
Glamorous, even in the Home Depot parking lot.

 Taking the baby dolls for a walk.
 2nd top front tooth down!
 So yes, the tooth fairy has been here 3 times in the last two weeks.

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