Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Luke learned a lot about being a sports fan while in utero after seeing this and this.

It is no surprise then, that yesterday and last night he was fussy, upset, and not sleeping soundly. Much like a house pet sensing an earthquake, or animals fleeing the shoreline before a tsunami, he was able to sense the change coming to the Pack.

I had to sit him down today and explain the facts of football life: Brett had given us a good ride, gotten a ring, was the best teammate anyone would ever want, and more fun to watch than any quarterback around. We needed to thank him for all the great years, and wish him luck mowing the grass, playing golf, wearing Wranglers, and eating Cajun food.

However, it was still tough for him to watch Sports Center, as the realization slowly sunk in.
We had a sit down and heart to heart about the Aaron Rodgers era, and quickly # 01 on the Baby Team calmed down, and reached the final stage of mourning, acceptance.

Go number 12!

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