Saturday, March 8, 2008

Thanks, Lucia!

In previous posts, shout outs of thanks have been given to Luke's baby friends who have kindly handed down their clothes to him. Ben & Emmett especially have provided him with his some of his most stylish duds.

His friend, Lucia, however, has loaned him two of all three of our favorite items: the bouncy chair and the swing. These help put Luke to sleep, and have often provided me with the ability to take a real shower. A shower I do not exit to the sounds of a screaming baby.

Luke has also, courtesy of Lucia, her moms, and her Nonne, Sylvia, learned the importance of The Lovey. The tiger lovey from Lucia & her moms has acquired the name Daniel, and the wacky cow from Sylvia is Cosmic Cow. Or Monroe. We can't decide.

See how much he loves his loaners? And his lovey?

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F & M said...

Lucia says, "You're welcome Luke!" but really it came out like, "Pktures, babbeez, pktures, no, no, noooo."