Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hobo(ken) Baby

This past Saturday, the three of us were invited to help our friends, The Baldonados, celebrate Manay's birthday at a deluxe Italian lunch party. This offered us an excuse to catch up with close family friends, and also to introduce Luke to his future wife, Amelia Jane Swedloff - daughter of Rick & Ann Marie.

Having been raised right, Paul & I dressed Luke up in his Saturday best for the occasion. He was decked out in his plaid pants, the fancy Danish onesie from Uncle Lenny, his bear Robeez, and matching socks. He looked sooo handsome. I would post a picture here...but our plans were foiled by a sweetly sleeping baby. When we arrived at the party, Luke was enjoying the tail end of a car nap, so we let him finish his snooze. When we went to change him, not two hours since his last diaper change, a Haz Mat team was nearly dispatched to Andrea's in Waldwick! Suffice it to say that an a*$plosion like none witnessed in the Casey home heretofore - let alone on the road - had occurred within the confines of those plaid pants. His pants, his onesie, and even his matching socks were rendered stinky and unwearable. I thought I had been quite clever in packing an extra shirt for him, but had not thought clean pants to be necessary for a quick afternoon outing. Oh, how wrong I was! Fortunately, Amelia's mom has 4 months more experience on us and had a spare pair of pants she kindly allowed Luke to borrow. They were mighty large on Luke (they were hiked up to his chest), but he didn't mind at all.

By the time we all returned to the Baldonado's house for baby playtime, both Luke and Amelia had foregone pants all together, and enjoyed some quality Busy Mat time in tops & dipes.

Luke returned to Hoboken not in the adorable, dapper outfit he left in, but in a shirt, a dipe (he had to steal from Mrs. Baldonado's stash!), and his car seat. He was quite happy to get home and put on his PJs to regain some dignity.

Fear not, he made it through Easter Sunday with his pants on.


Miss Tanya said...

I have witnessed such explosions from Brendan. I believe it's in your best interest to pack two or three outfits when traveling for the next 7 years or so.

Aspartaimee said...

pants are for chumps.

F & M said...

Oh PP must admit I read this with a bit of shadenfreude, because I'm a jerk like that... but hey, we allll go through it, much like Luke with his pants. Haa-ha(slnm).