Thursday, May 1, 2008

Baby Ambassador of Hoboken

In the past few weeks, Luke has had the pleasure of visiting with lots of new friends in his newfound capacity as Baby Ambassodor.

He and Ronan Scott enjoyed an afternoon meeting in Hamilton, NJ while their moms enjoyed one of Sarah's gourmet lunches (mmm...pistou!).

This was apparently Ronan's first run-in with a newborn - he was a true gentleman, letting Luke get in a snuggle with his Mom...

...And he gave Luke some thumb-sucking pointers while giving him a gentle rock in his car seat.

Luke has also had some quality time with fellow Hoboken resident and trendy hand-me-down provider, Ben Kornbluh.

They had a baby summit in Luke's room, where Ben convinced Luke that he should make his activity mat work for him.

Ben was unrelenting in his assertion that the mat is a happy place - once you learn to control your hands.

Look out lady babies of Hoboken, Ben & Luke are a charming team!


Aspartaimee said...

I like how the Danish onsie presents a nice monochromatic juxtaposition to the kaleidescope of color that is the play mat. Luke is quite the existential dresser.

Miss Tanya said...

I like the phrase "lady babies."