Friday, May 2, 2008

Rock & Roll Baby, Part 2: Big Day Coming

This is probably the only time Luke will suffer matching outfits (at least with Mom).

8+ months pregnant Mom didn't make it past the opening act during Hanukkahpaloozathon this year (she tried...Lord, she tried)*, but she made sure that Dad came home with the t-shirt & the onesie.

*Though he missed Big Day Coming and Little Honda Luke did stay long enough to enjoy the song stylings of Flying Nun stalwarts and opening band The Clean while in utero, thus either making him cooler than other babies, or just marking his mom and dad as lame alterna-parents.


Aspartaimee said...

i totally thought that was paul stanley.

Mike said...

esther heard a magnetic fields concert in utero, and abby experienced franz ferdinand from within the womb. i don't know how it's rubbed off on their personalities. time will tell.

Paige said...

It is Paul Stanley. Yo La Tengo always honor the other Jewish rock & rollers - via cover songs & whatnot (this year, the t-shirt...).