Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Don't Forget Hrbek

After a Garmin misadventure that exposed the Casey/Conerys to the still beating heart of Newark's shipping hub, they were kind enough to take care of Luke for a few hours while his parents enjoyed their first solo brunch since his arrival.

Roberta has not lost her ability to multi-task, and was able to help stretch out Luke's feeding while still enjoying some crosswords.

Luke had fun with his cousins. Peter was nice enough to play some AC/DC for him while he was being changed, and Ian entertained him while he had fun on his play mat.

After Paige got her hair cut, we all went for a walk, explored the Hoboken beach, and Ian white knuckled the stroller all the way to the waterfront.

By the end of the trip, Luke was so comfortable with his cousins that he took a nap,
First on Peter
and then on Ian

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