Saturday, April 12, 2008

Uff Da! (Part I)

When you think of Minnesota, you may think of The Replacements, Sinclair Lewis, 3M, 10,000 lakes, The Golden Gophers, or Jesse Ventura. However after a recent visit, Luke just thinks of his aunt and uncle and cousins.

The Casey/Conery clan (Roberta, Steve, Peter, and Ian) came to visit the other weekend, on their way to Washington D.C. Excited for their first meeting with Luke, the cuddles started straight away, and everyone took a turn.

Steve quickly proved that he had not lost his baby walking chops, and ability to calm down fussy boys.

Ian also did a good job, and quickly picked up the skill of holding onto Luke and patting his back at the same time.

Peter managed to keep a good hold on Luke (his previous babysitting experience coming in handy) despite his brother and dad's best attempts to startle Luke.

Capped off by a dinner at Ali Baba's it was a full evening for everyone.

Coming up in part II: Mom and Dad enjoy a solo brunch, Peter plays AC/DC for his cousin, Roberta stretches out a feeding, and Ian white knuckles it with the stroller.

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