Monday, April 7, 2008

Luke The Baby/Luke The Bear

As some of you may know, Paul grew up with a bear named Cool Hand Luke (handcrafted by American artisans and named after the Paul Newman character of the same name. Contrary to some of the theories floating out there, the baby was not named after the bear (or the movie).

However, that doesn't mean that they can't dress alike.

First the Bear:

Note the nose that baby Paul pulled off, and the Sinatra pin from his adopted home of Hoboken.

The Baby and the undressed Bear:

The likeness is uncanny!

The transformation is complete:

Luke (the Bear) tries to push Luke (the baby) out of the shot for his own 15 minutes of internet fame.*

*For the record, Luke (the bear) is a gentle bear & would not actually harm Luke (the baby).


Roberta said...

Luke is so gong to hate his parents when he hits his teenage years. You do know that the internet is forever?! We did laugh really hard though :-)
Roberta and Steve

F & M said...

I can't believe you put your child in 30+ year old doll clothes. That_is_awesome.