Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Am I Not Snuggly Enough for You?

Sometimes Luke wakes up before Mom is done getting ready in the morning, so he hangs out in bed with Dad. On this day, he was being unusually snuggly and not wriggling around whining about the fact that he was not yet eating. I couldn't resist snapping a picture - but instead of capturing his sweetness, I caught him being grumpy about the flash. Or maybe he just doesn't like mornings. Or had a case of the Mondays?

This past Sunday we went out into the blustery fall day to take Luke out to lunch & for a trip to the playground. After some time on the swings, Luke was chilly, so we all headed home. He and Dad then had a snuggle under Luke's new quilt from his friends, Jen Bonnell and her mom, Mizz Karen. They enjoyed some cozy time and busted out his Little Bear book from Grandma & Grandpa Casey.

Within a few minutes however, I think shortly after Little Bear learns that he does not require a winter coat because of his fur, Luke couldn't take how cozy he was and gave in to temptation.

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jen said...

seriously, I am amazed that Paul did not also succumb to the nappage!