Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rock-A-Bye the Vote

Since OUP gave employees a half day today, Mom decided to take the whole day off to hang out with Luke and also to give him his first civics lesson by taking him along to the polls.

Dad got up early & went to vote as the polls opened at 7. He waited for two hours...as did fellow Hoboken resident and NJ Governor Jon Corzine.

When Luke woke up from his morning nap, he was ready to put on his best voting gear (thanks to his friend, Nolan, whose Daddy works on the Obama campaign and sent him this HOPE onesie in exchange for a coveted Bob's Clam Hut model from Luke's Grammy).
Once suited up, he and Mom departed for Hoboken Ladder Company 1/Engine Company 3 to hit the polls! ....and then promptly waited in line for 90 minutes. (According to one of the news crews, they had just missed neighbor Eli Manning, which is just as well. As Hoboken graffiti once taught us, Eli is #0, Big Ben #1)

The line was quite long...

But it was a beautiful day out, and Luke didn't seem to mind.
He busted out Fuzzy Bee for a while...

And the little girl in line ahead of us was more than glad to entertain him with her dance moves and musical Barbie...

Then he played with the shakey bottle - which was praised twice today for its ingenuity. (I know, who knew?)

Another kid came by to show Luke his "batwing" trick.
Eventually, Luke had had enough of stimulation and opted for his pacifier and some quiet time.
Finally, Mom voted and we returned home for lunch!

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