Sunday, January 4, 2009

I love Santa Part I

This was the first Christmas for Luke, and he celebrated in style (even if he is still getting the knack of opening presents, or for that matter, figuring out what presents are). Thanks to family and friends, he had a great first Christmas, getting all kinds of presents, enjoying the Caseys and Conerys, and even figured out crawling.

Since we were spending the holiday in Scranton, Luke kicked off Christmas by opening some presents from Katie, Sophie, Emmett and Andy (thanks, guys!).

And then it was off to Scranton. Luke was a bit under the weather, but his cousins, Peter and Ian, quickly swung into action, playing with him, endlessly entertaining him, and reading his favorite books (and some old ones that belonged to his Dad and Aunts).

They even helped out with his bath, giving Luke his biggest bath time audience ever.

Exhausted, Luke went to bed with visions of sugar plums in his head....

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Mom said...

I love the way Luke is intently looking at those big feet in the bathtub with him. Awfully cute.