Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Love Santa Part II

Where we left off...

Luke went to Scranton and enjoyed his cousins. After his bath, Uncle Steve read him one of the classics from the Casey box of much-loved books, Grover and the Museum Everything in the Whole Wide World Museum.

After a (sort of) good night's sleep, Luke enjoyed the tree with Aunt Amy, even though he was too nervous to touch it, despite continuing to try. Despite the look of abject terror on his face, Luke did warm up to the tree, and given another day or so, would have been trying to pull most of the ornaments off of it while still trying to avoid getting poked.

Grandpa made Luke a Christmas box, since Grandma is still working on his stocking (it is coming with teddy bears and also with geese, selected in honor of his favorite Goosey). May it be the SECOND blue ribbon award winning stocking knit by Grandma! (like Paige' can't see it in this picture, but its Harford Fair ribbon is still attached!)

Then, to while away the time between naps but before present opening, Luke discovered a new favorite game, "drop things over the back of the bench while someone else picks them up and hands them back."

Finally, it was time for another tradition, a photo of the tree with the date. Luke was kind enough to pose with Goofus and Gallant.

Whew... all these photos and we haven't even gotten to present opening yet... however a little teaser photo of Luke enjoying his bell from Grammy and Grandpap Rosella.

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