Thursday, September 2, 2010

Better Late Than Never: Summer Vacation 2010 Part 1

Mom, Dad, and Luke went to Portsmouth at the beginning of August, and enjoyed 5 days of Poop Toilets, Ice Cream, Beaches, Ox-Cart Man discussions, more Ice Cream, Trollies, and some more Poop Toilet.

After settling in at the hotel, Luke set about discovering Portsmouth, and enjoyed some dinner at the Portsmouth Brewery.

Luke had lots of fun looking at the boats, and generally running around the waterfront.

The electric tea lights at the Portsmouth Brewery were fascinating and promoted a few rounds of "Happy Birthday."

This was about the point we told Luke that we would go for ice cream after dinner.

On Monday, Luke got ready for a big day sightseeing, equipped with his hat and "camera". All he needs are some tall socks to complete the outfit.

He tried to wrap his head around the fact that Mom and Dad got their wedding photos taken on these steps, and willingly posed for a photo with his best "cheese."

After breakfast we got down to learning, and went to the site of Portsmouth Market, immortalized in the book The Oxcart Man.

Here is Luke and Dad checking it out close up, near the "ice cream street."

Coming up... playing with friends, playing in sand, playing with lobsters

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