Wednesday, September 29, 2010

TEAM LISA Races for the Cure Again in 2010!

Thursday, September 30th is FIGHT BREAST CANCER DAY. In celebration of that day, a recap of Team Lisa's 2010 Race for the Cure! Huge, gigantic thanks are due to all of you who donated and got us past our $2000 goal - and allowed us to go for $2500. Luke and Mommy are very lucky to have such amazing friends and family who support us every year. This year, however, marked the first year we had a limited time "matching grant" from the best friends ever!

It's not too late to support us - donations are accepted until October 31, 2010 - click here & make a secure, tax deductible donation!

As loyal readers know, Luke and Mommy spend the second Sunday of every September doing the Susan G. Komen Greater NYC Race for the Cure with TEAM LISA. So on September 12, 2010 we suited up (phew! Mom fit into her size L t-shirt!), grabbed Daddy, and headed for Central Park with tens of thousands of supporters, activists, and SURVIVORS (look at all of those pink t-shirts!)!

Team Lisa 2010 - ready to go! Luke was joined this year by Edward - who kindly loaned him a clean, dry t-shirt after an unfortunate juice box incident. Thanks, Edward!

Luke made sure to carbo load before his ride
Photo by Auntie Lisa

And because we're awesome parents, we gave him scissors to play with in the stroller
(NB: we had just gotten them the day before...and they couldn't cut butter)

...Aaaaaand for the third straight year, Luke failed to make it through all 5k awake

But Edward did!

Priorities in order, Luke woke up in plenty of time for our delicious TEAM LISA brunch. Hmmmm...what to order, what to order....
Photo by Auntie Lisa

Yay!! Daddy joined us!
Photo by Auntie Lisa

Look at him making eyes at Auntie Lisa

The first family portrait to include "Chooch"
Photo by Auntie Lisa

Auntie Lisa is far more indulgent than Mommy & Daddy and she showed Luke how to use her camera and set him loose on the brunch table

The Young Artist's Work

Stay tuned for pictures from the Kids for Komen Race at Luke's school - Friday, October 8th!

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