Monday, February 4, 2013

Lukey Number Five

Luke turned 5 last week, and the occasion was marked with many celebrations.

On the day of, we had a cupcake fete at school.  Harper was allowed to visit Luke's "big kid" class from her toddler room for the party. 

She fit right in - not hesitating to join in on the post-cupcake dance party or game of musical chairs.  Or to wash her hands many times in their sinks.

Saturday was the day for Luke's party at home - he picked a Medieval knight theme and invited his 3 best buddies to come and celebrate with an agenda he had carefully mapped out in advance.
Helmets, shields, and swords were provided for his planned "training" exercises
Daddy custom-printed stickers for the kids to use to decorate their shields
 Most popular stickers?  The Medieval weaponry, of course

 Yes, Mommy stuck the harp on Harper's shield

The result of giving 4 little boys helmets, shields, and swords.  Poor Shannon.

Harper, not to be outdone

 Ready to train his charges!
 Luke and Chase, reveling
 Most of the action photos came out blurry because they never. stopped. running.
 Up the stairs to the "secret hideout" and the "dungeon," down the stairs to attack us, the "Central Park Rangers" (see: Elf)
 A rollicking game of Stick the Sword on the Knight was played
 First Luke

Then Gavin (and Chase and Ryan)

 Chase supervised [Harper claims she is going to marry Chase.  But she spent the party declaring her love to his older brother, Tyler]
 Sword cake, complete with, per Luke's request, "blood on the blade."  Daddy designed and made it

As well as an auxiliary axe cake
Luke gets his first look at the cakes

Bloody icing face

Lady Macbething it here

Uncle Charlie and Aunt Sharren got Luke a Hot Wheels track - who is more eager for it to be put together here?  I think it's a tie.  

Harper donned her lab coat


Safety first!

Heraldry is all the rage for Spring 2013

Happy Birthday, Luke!

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