Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Snow Snow Come Out in the Snow!

You may have heard we had some snow here in the greater NYC area.  While Westchester didn't get the 24"+ that New England got, we held our own with a good foot of dry powder.  The build up went on for days, so by the time the flakes started falling last Friday, and school was let out early, Luke and Harper were PSYCHED.

Luke drew this at school in anticipation.  
"This snowman is a girl.  She is holding a leaf and has buttons and a jacket to keep her from melting." (?)

Harper pre-gamed by donning Paul's hat.  "I'm Daddy."
  There was enough snow after Harper's nap on Friday afternoon to venture out and stomp around
So we did
We took the new sleds out for a test run
 Harper, probably with a mouthful of snow
We came inside for some maple syurp snow candy - just like Laura Ingalls.  Luke declared it to be yummy in his tummy

 And of course there was hot cocoa

 We woke up Saturday to oodles of snow.  3 rungs of that fence are normally visible.  We thought it must be about half a Harper deep?

We ate a big breakfast and headed outside as soon as we could.  Luke got right to work on the "big hill"

Mommy took a run down to start a track down the hill - and Daddy and Luke climbed up
and up
 and up

And then down:
Ahead of the storm, Aunt Roberta sent a message that said, AND I QUOTE, "Looking at your forecast and a decided that Harper will have a hard time getting thru the snow. We want to see video."

We took two:

Notice how she innocently looks around for her aunt.

Overall,  Harper LOVED IT.  No fear!


"I taking a bweak."
 While Harper napped, Luke and Daddy  headed to his BFF Gavin's house.  Gavin lives by a GIANT sledding hill.  They had fun and Luke was thoroughly exhausted when it was time to head home
  Shoveling snow on Daddy

Making snow angels

 "Going crunch crunch crunch" like Peter in Snowy Day

And last, unrelatedly, Luke drew this - it's The Riddler.  Mama complimented him on his question  mark over his head and Luke explained, "he is thinking of his evil plan."

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