Sunday, April 14, 2013

Insert Obligatory Casey at the Bat Joke Here

Luke is starting (and LOVING) his first season of t-ball here in Ossining.  He is wearing #6 proudly for the Miller's Gulf Falcons.  

After two practices and a sort-of scrimmage, we assembled bright and early on a colder-than-forecasted morning for the Opening Day Parade.

And 30 minutes later, we arrived at Veteran's Park!  They honestly weren't quite as grumpy as they look here.

After the parade, we headed off to the field where our game would be played and parents and kids did a little warming up.

Finally, the mighty Falcons took to the field!  Look at that ready stance!  He takes it seriously.
VERY seriously.

 Waiting for his first turn at bat with one of his besties, Chase.  [couldn't say what Luke and Chase think is more fun - playing t-ball together, or carpooling from school to practice on Wednesdays]

Action photos!  And a little girl on the opposing team!   Harper is already plotting. 

 "Have you seen my loose tooth?"
(Mama has.  It is, to quote Harper, gwosse.)
On base!  (thanks to Chase's dad for snapping this one!)

Cheering section
 Ceremonial post-game running of the bases. 
 Ceremonial post-game running of the bases.  With Harper.

Stay tuned...he has since acquired "baseball pants" and cleats.  There is a game on the schedule against the team of their mutual bestie, Gavin. Does anyone even score? (no.) Do outs count? (there aren't any!)  Who will win? (you, Dear Reader.) 

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