Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend was jam-packed with fun, friends, food, and just a little bit of drama to keep things interesting.

The kids were off on Good Friday, but Daddy was not.  We dropped him off and headed out to breakfast...with Elephant.
And many Lego guys.
Bellies full, we made a pit stop at our favorite "BIG PARK!" in Chappaqua.  Harper is really enjoying the "big kid" jungle gym this year!

After naps and some time at home, we went back for Daddy at his office.  Harper put in some time at Needham Partners.
"I very thirrrrsty."
Then we went out for Friday Night Pizza Party (hat tip to the Leary Infantines)
"I am being a pizza waiter."
And we decided to kick off Spring in style with our first trip of the season to Blue Pig.  Luke was not excited at all.  Nope.

Harper spent a long time with the pig.  After we left Mama asked "what were you doing with the Blue Pig?"  She answered, conspiratorially, "I was tryin' to knock him over."
Mama got a new yoga video and Luke is very interested in it.  "I want to work on my skills, Mama."

Upward dog!
And of course Harper got in on it.  Half-dressed.
This pose?  Is really hard for Mama.

On Saturday, we were invited to the "PondaRusso" - our friends' parents' house in NJ (also the setting of our Xmas card photos).  They have an Easter Egg hunt for kiddos every year.  Not sure if Harper was more excited for the basket, the bunny ears, or her new rain boots.  
Sean, the intrepid photographer.
Everyone's parents are clearly yelling from different vantage points here.
The egg hunting was taken very seriously.

And it was apparently exhausting work...
After naps and rest, their bounty was inspected
And sorted and portioned out (and hidden by Mommy & Daddy; they don't even remember it's around!)

We later took a stab at dyeing eggs.  

This is Harper "waiting patiently" for the eggs to soak in the dye


Let's say Harper's batch had some "breakage."
"I boke it, Mommy.  It's broked."

Serious work

They weren't the prettiest eggs, but they had a great time decorating them!  
(this one is a "Fat Spidey")
Bubbles and chalk were busted out for Spring, too
Luke drew this one all by himself
And after Mama traced him, he made this Phils Phan

Drama interlude: Harper woke up at 10pm Sat night complaining that her ear hurt and was inconsolable.  So she and Mama spent a few fun-filled hours in the ER to get confirmation of the ear infection and antiobiotics in her asap!  
Everyone in the ER got to meet Lion and Giraffe, and enjoy Harper's renditions of many childhood classics - chief among them, "Old MacDonald."  And Mama read Wacky Wednesday eleventy times.  Was she tired by the end of this at 2am?  Nnnnope.  Sang "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" at the top of her lungs the whole ride home.
But by 9am Sunday, she was feeling better and dove into her Easter basket with gusto!

Nothing a little amoxicillin and chocolate won't fix

And what was their favorite part of their carefully-curated baskets?
The 99 cent paper Easter grass, of course

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