Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Missing: 1 Tooth!

The observant will remember that Luke had a loose tooth.  HAD being the operative word.  While brushing his teeth on Monday morning, it popped out!   
....and he nearly fainted in shock.

We tried to capture the moment for posterity, but this was pretty much his look until he got to school.  And this was AFTER he recovered his rosy cheeks.  He was positively ashen and clammy after it happened, poor puddle.

But after a day of attention from his teachers and classmates (he was the first Koala to lose one!), he was ready to show off.

He got right to work cranking out a note for the Tooth Fairy.  A short and sweet note that cut to the chase.  Mama helped with the spelling and dotted-lined the wings, but the rest is all Luke - including the question mark.
There's our boy!
And since the whole thing was a bit on the traumatic side, and then he had to rush off to school, and then everything that happened in Boston, Mama decided they should play hooky on Tuesday afternoon and celebrate.
They voted for mani/pedis.  Hands (and feet) down!
If you don't think that our well-mannered, shy (acting) boy was the hit of Arcadian Nails, you'd be WRONG.  He even got a shoulder massage!
Right side sparkly blue, left side sparkly red!  He was declared very "on trend."
Second most exciting part?  Getting to wear FORBIDDEN FLIP FLOPS to school when we picked up Harper at the end of the day.
And smoothies and snacks!
He even drew mama a picture.  "I can do a peacock.  It's easy."

Let's hope he doesn't expect this for EVERY tooth!

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