Monday, December 9, 2013

Harper is 3: Part 1

While Harper isn't OFFICIALLY 3 until December 17, due to a cluster of birthdays in her classroom and holidays and other festivities, her party fell a few days before the real thing.
Our girl requested a cupcakes and Hulk party.  No small request!

Daddy set about designing invitations for all of her bestest friends.
And creating decor for the event.
The stage was set, thanks to Hulk parts of Avengers party gear and fortuitously cupcake-themed plates, tablecloth, and garland.
She was READY!  Birthday Girl cupcake shirt: Check. 
Cupcake barrette: Check. Hulk barrette: Check. 
Luke in Captain America mask: Check.
Friends soon arrived and they played "stick the toppings on the cupcake."
And yes, she did add a tutu to her outfit.  SO?
Luke invited his 2 besties over for "big kid" fun. 
And after lots of coloring, but a lot more playing with the dolls and kitchen and the dress up box, it was time to decorate cupcakes!
Yes! We encouraged 10 small kids to play with frosting and sprinkles in our very own home!
It went far more smoothly than we feared.
Gummy bears and maraschino cherries were VERY popular toppings!
Harper held court
Like a pro!
And then, Daddy's piece de resistance!  The CUPCAKE CAAAAKE!
Harper hadn't seen it until it came to the table.
Make a wish!
The party wrapped up with a finger light disco in the dark dance party!
Thumbs up to Luke for turning out the lights - the kids went NUTS!
Harper and Ava were getting down.
 Luke, in the background, modeling Gavin's night vision goggles while Harper shimmies.
 Showing Aunt Sharren her moves.
Luke, Chase, and Gavin up on the landing providing "Disco Dance Party" lights
I think she had a good time.
 Still to come - School party and her, you know, actual birthday.

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