Friday, December 20, 2013

It's Beginning to Look...

Last weekend, we were supposed to go down to New Hope for a Charlie and Sharren Holiday Parrrrrrty.  Alas, Mother Nature had other plans for us.
So we decided to get our holiday spirit in gear all on our own.

On Saturday morning, before the snow got Serious, we took a trip to the snowy tree lot.
We found the perfect tree!  Not too tall, not too short, not too fat, not too skinny. 
Harper was a little grumpy.
Ok, A LOT grumpy.
She powered through, though.

We spent the rest of the weekend playing in the snow, making presents, and decorating.
 While Harper is much better in the snow this year mobility-wise, there was still some of this business.  WHOOOAAAAA.
It was really powdery, but that wasn't stopping Luke from getting a few runs in on the sled.
 Luke insisted on wearing his goggles from Uncle Joe.
They looooved shoveling and were put out to step aside when the shoveling brigade showed up to clear snow on our block.  Mama joked, "make way for the professionals!"
 And as they posed moments later, "We are professionals!"
 Salt dough ornament break!
Did we use the Play-doh Fun Factory with the salt dough?  Yes.  Yes we did.
We have a LEGO advent calendar again this year.  While Luke enjoyed it last year, this year?  He is taking it VERY seriously.  He spends a great deal of time each day arranging and rearranging his tableau as each addition requires.
Mama's favorite part: The LEGO Repast.
By Sunday, the snow had a thick coating of ice on top.  Luke was ready to sled!
 And as Lukey goes Harper.  Trips up the hill alternated from her insisting "I can do it MY. SELF" to "GUYS?  I need a little help."
At one point, she attempted so slide down on her bum (with limited success).
 Little legs + many layers = Many breaks.
 Harper's favorite part of playing in the snow?  Eating it.
She'd been asking about eating snow, no joke, since the last storm of LAST winter.  Occasionally, throughout spring and summer, she would ask, "When it snows?  Can I eat some of the clean snow?"
"Surprising" Mama with a snowball.
 We closed out the weekend by trimming the tree.
We kicked it off by getting into Xmas jams and having the traditional nacho picnic party.
Frick and Frack had a lot of fun hanging the ornaments together.
Stockings: ready to be stuffed!
Look at that tree!  PERFECT!
Merry and Bright...and Harper.

Happy Holidays!

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