Tuesday, December 3, 2013

As November Becomes December

Before we dive into our Thanksgiving trip to Scranton, we forgot to feature Luke's latest creation.  He was home sick one of the days before the break, but by afternoon was feeling well enough to play with Legos.  Mama proved she still has her freestyle building skills in assisting him.

On the left, "the luckiest family in the whole world," and on the right, Aunt Slater working in her library office.
 Hi, Aunt Slater!
 Working hard!
 A few days before we left for PA, Harper called Grandma and Grandpa  and, after hearing all about the trundle bed (on wheels!) she would be sleeping on, she asked them if they had a place for Baby Goldfish to sleep.  
When we arrived, voila!
Custom made just for BG - complete with wheels, just like Harper's trundle!
Trundle bed snuggly!
Luke and especially Harper spent a lot of time helping in the kitchen.  Harper gave every chef the third degree about their recipes, approaches, and methodologies.
After helping to mash the potatoes, she licked the masher!
She supervised lasagne on Friday night.
And she and Luke helped with brownies.
Nut sprinkling is serious business.
 There was hot cocoa.
We took a trip to Steamtown Historic Site to check out the museum, but especially to ride an olde time train.
Pensive Tiger is pensive.
 Harper gave excellent side eye.
  He is a brakeman for the county...
Fun with the hats and props!
Engineer, coal, and Brakegirl!
 The "Fireman" for the train.
She is going to make some...interesting...choices in college.
Fun in the Imagination Station!
Phoebe Snow!
Harper holding court.  Nothing new.  Luke took this picture.
I like how Grandma and Luke are acting out something very specific in No Fits Nilson here.
And finally, Lion had something to give thanks for.  You see, Harper loves him SO MUCH that she wore a bald patch in his mane.  This was taken several weeks ago - it had continued to grow.  Grandma took one look and knew she could help him out!
Old Lion vs. New Lion - for comparison.  
Grandma found the right thread and set to work.
Harper supervised.
Ta da!  Like new Wion!

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