Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Maine is Vacationland

We packed up the car and visited the Rosella grandparents a few weekends ago. It was Luke's first extended car trip, and he was a total champ - sleeping through 90% of both 5 hour trips. We're now no doubt overly-cocky about it and he will cry and cry and cry should we attempt a long journey again.

Maine was packed with fun and adventures. Paige and Paul indulged in steamers and lobster at Robert's Maine Grill, where Grammy & Grandpap's favorite waitress gave them lots of free treats on top of the delicious seafood in honor of Luke's first visit. Paige didn't share any of her steamers with anyone.

The real purpose of the visit, though, was for Luke to spend lots of quality time with Grammy and Grandpap, and that he did. They were all fast friends who had lots and lots of fun together, as you'll see below.

Luke found his Grandpap to be HILARIOUS.

Luke and Grammy spent a lot of time like this. Note the variety of drool guards in the vicinity.

As above.

More Luke & Grammy time.

Grandpap was teaching Luke about the important role coffee will play in his life one day.

Grammy was still asleep - so Grandpap got to hold him for a while.

Our family friends, John & Cathy Marr, came to visit while Luke was in residence at 7 Bayberry. They brought him the hottest infant toy - the O Ball. O, does he love it. Thanks, Cathy & John!

I have always joked that once Paul crosses the Piscataqua River Bridge into Maine, he immediately grows sleepy and MUST nap once he's at my parents'. Here, he teaches Luke a Proud Casey Tradition.

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